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E00207 – Nursing Supervisor

Full-time Position



JOB SUMMARY: Providing medical services directly to patients and for maintaining the appropriate records and medical files as per State and Federal regulations.




  1. Administer/dispense methadone in accordance with New Jersey State and Federal regulations. Assist in supervising other dispensing nurses with Director of Nursing.


  1. Ensure that adequate recording of the administration/dispensing transaction has occurred. Assist with training and supervising other dispensing nurses.


  1. Ensure that the treatment plan of the physician or medical director is being followed.


  1. Giving and interpreting of the Mantoux test. Assist in training proper method and documentation with other dispensing nurses.


  1. Assess patient response to treatment and medication dosage/interactions and determine appropriateness for dosing. Assist with training and supervising other dispensing nurses.


  1. Participate in case conferences, offering professional observations.


  1. Must document Quarterly Nursing Progress Notes on all patients. Assist with training and supervising proper method of documentation with other dispensing nurses.


  1. Related duties as required.
  2. Under supervision of Director of Nursing services, orders medical supplies, maintain a proper inventory and record of use as per regulations.
    1. Knowledge of CPR and Life Support.
      1. To posses the knowledge and understanding of how to recognize and manage an opioid overdose. Maintains all medical records including bot not limited to individual charts, daily medication charts, dosage records, progress notes, Doctor’s orders, etc,. as required.
        1. Make appointments for patients to see physician; obtains lab work-ups and checks with patients to see that appointments are kept.


        1. Educates patients about methadone/buprenorphine and their side effects. Counsels patient re: personal hygiene, abnormal lab results, HIV/AIDS testing, and all medical matters including changes in treatment.


        1. Discusses with physician and staff important changes in treatment or noted patterns of behavior effecting treatment.


        1. Provides referral for specialized care at local health centers (e.g. Planned Parenthood, prenatal clinic, HIV/AIDS testing sites, etc.) and follow-ups on patients attendance and treatment.


        1. Assists in organizing transfers of patients to and from the program; verifies methadone dosage verbally with nurse of other program.
        2. Other related responsibilities included but are not limited to assisting in training staff in medical matters and patient care; attendance at professional meetings as required; assists Doctor during physical examinations; keeps dispensing room clean and orderly; maintains medical equipment.


      1. To understand clinical benefits and limitations of urine drug screens, toxicology, and other testing procedures.


    1. To be culturally competent.


    1. Must be knowledgeable of agency policies and procedures.


    1. Assist in creating nursing schedule.


    1. Assist in monitoring Prescription Monitoring program.


      1. Must either be a Registered Nurse by the State of New Jersey.


      1. Must maintain continuing education credits as required by the N.J. Board of Licensure and organizational needs.


      1. One (1) year experience or knowledge in the field of drug abuse recommended.


      1. Must meet minimum Competency Standards as set forth in the Competencies for Nurses.